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Our Impact

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The project will have a cross-cutting impact in the areas of; Inclusion and Diversity,  Digital Transformation, Environment and fight against climate change, Participation in democratic life, and common values and civic engagement. 


ICT -4QRPM Project Increasing Relevance & Contribution at different stakeholder levels.

ICT in Education

Usage of an e-supervision research system to enhance the interactions and implementation of research in HEI's


Updated policy guidelines for HEI's research and dissemination of research information to enhance quality and relevancy to national development.

impact via numbers

Our longterm ouctome is enhanced research capacity; Increased stock of relevant & high-quality research; Employable graduates


Masters Students

To conduct their timely research and graduate in within the required time

Supervisors & Administrators

Internal & External

students inter-connected on a NCHE approved Research E-Supervision