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Project deliverables and outcomes

Link to the current ICT4MRPQ Project Deliverables

Deliverables under work package 1(WP1)

Continuous Numbering Work Package Deliverable Description
D1.1 WP1 Scope of Uganda’s HEIs In-house institutional policy re[formulation] around E-Supervision processes Compilation of raw data, voluntary and mandatory policies and interventions that will inform the formation of the desired Research and Viva-voce national common standard
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription
D1.2WP1NCHE draft of Updated masters research supervision /Policy guidelines

Clearer national guidelines relating to online supervision and assessment (Viva-voce) of research degrees, and conduct of:

  • Supervisors
  • External examiners
  • Internal examiners
  • Students
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription
D1.3WP1Compendium of nationally and locally relevant masters research areasAn aggregation and stratification of Masters research themes extracted from Uganda’s National Development Plan (NDP) 3
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription
D1.4WP1Partnership AgreementThe information included in this agreement covers obligations and responsibilities of each beneficiary, project activities, payments, budget execution and reporting arrangements, conflict resolution. The partnership agreement is written in English and signed by the legal representative of the coordinator and of all beneficiaries. Document for internal use
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription
D1.5WP1Quality Assurance PlanThe QA Plan contains the detailed description of the quality management strategy, measures and processes of the project. It defines the quality objectives, progress indicators and associated measures, including the composition and activities of the quality committee, the consortium monitoring activities and mechanisms, and the review process. Document in English

Deliverables under work package 2(WP2)

Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

Gap Analysis for an ICT enabled master’s research Quality improvement framework.

A compilation of Policy & Regulatory gaps in master’s research supervision and Viva-voce practices, which account for inconsistences & contradictions in the quality expected of a master’s student research journey
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription
D2.2WP2Data Collection tools (Questionnaires, Interview guide, observation guides)Internal memos in English specifying effective data gathering, storage, and analysis procedures which the project will follow

Deliverables under work package 3(WP3)

Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

Stakeholder Analysis Map to inform specifications for the Mobile App development & for an ICT enabled master’s Research process Quality Improvement Framework

A description of the main functional blocks or modules that will be included in the E-Supervision platform and Mobile App capturing university, NCHE, students and HEIs staff expectations, interests, and roles in identifying & monitoring critical aspects of a quality master’s research journey

Deliverables under work package 4(WP4)

Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

E-Supervision platform and Mobile App

Main functional blocks and/or modules built on Offline and Offline back bones to include USSD

Deliverables under work package 5(WP5)

Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

E-Supervision Web Portal platform, and Mobile App developed

Online portal running on Cloud computing platform, MobileApp running on USSD

Deliverables under work package 6(WP6)

Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

University guidelines

Revised university policies & guidelines for using ICT / technology to monitor research processes
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

Policy document

A revised national master research policy & Quality management framework endorsed and adopted by the national regulator
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

E-Supervision & MobileApp., user guides & manuals

Documents describing the functionalities of the platform and of the Mobile App and guiding the targeted users (academic staff, technicians and managers, students) in their effective use.

Printed and electronic document
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

Research Methods manuals for staff & students

Document illustrating the state-of-the-art research methodologies to be applied by staff and students. Printed and Electronic document
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

3 New courses

The following courses are developed:

  • Research & Big Data Analytics; – At MUBS (70 students at graduate level).
  • Management of Public Health Emergencies; At MUST (40 students at Postgraduate level).
  • Energy Storage; At MAK (Msc., graduate level)
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

1 New study programme

At MUBS (90 students at Post graduate level):

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics is accredited
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

7 Updated courses

The following courses are revised and upgraded:

At MUBS (350 Undergraduate students; 200 graduate students)

  1. Research Methods
  2. Marketing Research
  3. Programming Languages
  4. Data Warehousing

At MUST (150 Undergraduate students; 50 graduate students)

  1. Social & environmental Accounting

At MAK (10 graduate students)

  1. Seminar Series
7. Research Methods in Physics
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

5 Updated study programmes

Updated study programmes:

At MUBS (230 Undergraduate students; 200 graduate students)

  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Master of International Business
  3. Bachelor of Science in Marketing

At MUST (20 graduate students):

  • Master of Public Health


At MAK (10 Graduate students)

Master of Science in Physics

Deliverables under work package 7(WP7)

Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

Project Website

Website of the project which includes detailed information about project activities, expected results, and participating partners. It will be linked to the webpage of each partner
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

Dissemination Plan

It contains the planned activities towards the different targeted groups in order to make aware all relevant stakeholders of the project activities and their expected results. The Plan contains detailed information on the varied actions to be carried out, when and by whom. It takes in due consideration the specific nature of the project aiming to create impact at systemic/country level.

It also includes the social media activities regarding the project. Document in English.

Deliverables under work package 8(WP8)

Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

Industry Study visits

The Industry Study visits are documented through a report including: the agenda, the list of participants broken down per institution, the conclusions of the visits in relation to the activities of the project
Continuous NumberingWork PackageDeliverableDescription

Training to Uganda Partners

The training provided to Uganda staff is documented through a report including for each delivered training: the agenda of the sessions with the names of the trainers, the learning outcomes, the provided training materials, the list of participants broken down per institution, the aggregated results of the survey carried out at the end of the training.

It also includes the social media activities regarding the project. Document in English.