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A project aimed at strengthening Uganda’s Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) capacity to use ICT in Masters’ research journey quality management processes and devise Policy reforms for relevant high-quality research outputs (ICT-4MRPQ)

Online Master's Supervision Platform

Mobile App Development Hackathon



Enhanced research capacity

A revised national master research policy framework,  NCHE approved Masters’ research E-Supervision Platform, A Mobile App connecting the participating universities.


Increased stock of relevant & high-quality research

Increased stock of relevant research data sets to inform solutions for local problems in Uganda by increasing interest and innovations research

employeable graduates

Employable graduates

Timely graduation of students; Reduced supervision inconsistencies; Relevant research outputs & Reliable student research assessment processes

Make a difference

We working with different key implementing partners ensures better outcomes for all stakeholders in higher institutions of learning in orphanages and shelters across the world.

project short term results

Timely Graduation

Timely graduation of students; Reduced supervision inconsistencies; Relevant re search outputs & Reliable student research assessment processes.

Capacity & Knowledge


HEIs. – increased Capacity & knowledge on using ICT in research processes management & Real-time tracking of masters’ student progress & research data.

Supervisors: keep proper student-interaction records, pass on appropriate research skills & content.


Examiners: set dedicated research goals and objectives for research assessments

Inclusion and Diversity

Gender mainstreaming mentioned above, building capacity of NCHE and Uganda’s HEIs will trigger relevant masters research policy reforms that will be supportive to people of all gender and nature including women, and disabled persons.